Big Change to VoIP

It’s revolutionary big change to VoIP from Analog Telephony technology. Human society had been using analog telephony technology till speed internet came to public.

Big change to VoIP

VoIP Technology

Internet Telephony, also known as IP Telephony, is for any telephony application that can be enabledacross a data network via the Internet Protocol.

Internet Telephony is created by the merging of thecircuit-switched and packet-switched world. In the past,real-time voice information is sent over the Public SwitchedTelephone Network (PSTN). With the circuit-switched technology,every call takes up a dedicated bandwidth. End-to-end calls areestablished on the basis of a sequence of dialed digits, and thePSTN dedicates a physical path between callers. Although thetelephone equipment establishes the call path at the beginningof the call, the path may change between calls, but not duringany specific call.

In comparison with a PSTN, an Internet Protocol (IP) network orInternet Telephony network has a packet-switched architecture.Devices transmit data in packets, and the path from end to endcan vary within an established session. In addition to data,packets also contain addressing information, which routingdevices used to send information to its destination. Routingdevices maintain tables which instruct them how to directpackets. As networking environments change, routing devices areupdated with dynamic protocols.

Traditionally the PSTN was the only network supporting voicecommunication. With Internet Telephony, voice, fax, data, andvideo can be sent over IP-based packet-switched networks. Thereare also many Internet Telephony applications such asweb-enabled Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Unified Messaging,intelligent Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs) and much moreInternet Telephony applications being invented due to themerging of computer and telephony technology. The term ComputerTelephony Integration (CTI) is now becoming increasing popularand there will be series of applications, which are now underdevelopment, to meet the growing demands for new technologies.

What Are The Advantages Of VOIP Telephony

Internet Telephony efficiently improves the use of bandwidthof real-time voice transmission.

Internet Telephony offers the promise of cost savings throughthe use of shared data network resources, such as carrying voiceover a private network between facilities in a company.

Internet Telephony offers equivalent degree of quality andimprovement for fax transmissions, voice-mail/messaging deliveryand other applications.

Internet Telephony provides improved efficiency and quality ofservice to customers while generating new revenues for callcenters, help desks, customer support and other informationoperator intensive activities.

Internet Telephony can be used with any existing PSTN leasedand dial-up lines, PBXs and other Customer Premises Equipment(CPE), enterprise Wide Area Networks (WANs)/Local Area Networks(LANs) and Internet connections.

Internet Telephony can also be utilized without the need ofcomputers, modems, or Internet access for alternate telephonecalling.

Internet Telephony can be used transparently without needingto know that the Internet, TCP/IP or packet switching areinvolved.

Future With Internet Telephony

With the evolution of telecommunication, Internet Telephony hasalready created the initial foundation for a new class ofapplications. This technological innovation will be anything butstatic; it will be an expanding and ongoing technology that willoffer more solutions to satisfy the growing needs for theInternet and computer telecommunications industry.